Objective and intentions of the collaboration
The intention of the collaboration agreement is to raise awareness about sensible food usage while simultaneously reducing the total waste within the industry through effective collaboration between the customer and supplier, utilizing reduced prices and efficient logistics to create added value. Together, we aim to foster increased sustainability for the industry as a whole.
Scope of the agreement
Plateful commits, as per this agreement, to deliver the ordered products, confirming each order and ensuring their arrival at their designated destination.
The current notified assortment will be what's available. Plateful does not commit to maintaining a stable supply of goods, as availability is subject to fluctuations caused by overproduction and unforeseeable production discrepancies.
The prices are stated excluding VAT. In some cases, due to the nature of the product, there may be minimum quantity requirements. The supplier reserves the right to adjust prices from batch to batch. This is based on the nature of the product and industry conditions, which may vary.
Delivery terms
Free delivery is provided for orders exceeding the minimum purchase threshold. If the order falls below the minimum purchase threshold, a shipping surcharge of between NOK 400 – 800 will be added to the delivery, depending on the location.
Product ordering procedures
Upon registration, customers will receive a username and password for the online store. Plateful will offer all available products through the online store. By becoming a customer of Plateful, the customer agrees to receive regular notifications containing information about new items in stock or items en route to the warehouse. The products will be displayed with expiry date and the quantity available. As items are sold, the inventory will be reduced in real time, ensuring that the customer always has an overview of the available product lines.
The lead time will depend on whether the item is in stock or on its way to the warehouse. If it's on its way to the warehouse, the customer should expect an additional delivery time beyond the normal one-day delivery time within the Østlandet region.
Compensation cannot be claimed, neither from Plateful or the manufacturer of the product. The products are sold as is, but within the requirements defined by IK-Mat.
Payment terms
Customer shall, no later than 10 days after issuance of a correctly prepared and sufficiently documented invoice, pay the invoiced amount to the specified bank account. Interest on overdue payments shall be calculated in accordance with the interest rate specified in the Interest act. Invoices cannot be sold to third parties (factoring). Plateful reserves the right to continuously assess the creditworthiness of out customers. If the customer has payment defaults or, for any other reasons, cannot be granted the agreed credit period, Plateful reserves the right to reduce or revoke the credit period, either in part or in full. In such cases, the customer will be assigned reduced credit days or treated as a cash customer (payment by card or prepayment).
Duration of the agreement
The agreement is valid until one of the parties terminates it.
Chang of the agreement
Plateful reserves the right to modify the terms of the agreement, but commits to notifying customers of such changes.