At Plateful, we love food so much that we are committed to take best possible care of it!

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About Plateful

Plateful is a simple, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative for chefs in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, or other places serving good food. By strengthening the collaboration between producers, wholesalers, and customers, we ensure that more of the food produced reaches the plate.

We purchase quality ingredients from well-known suppliers that, for various reasons, are not sold through traditional channels, and make them available to our customers in the online store. Together, we ensure that we take better care of the Earth's resources and that quality ingredients and good food are enjoyed.

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How does it work?

We ensure that the food reaches the plate.

Plateful purchases ingredients from well-known wholesalers and producers that, for various reasons, cannot be sold through regular sales channels
The goods are made available in the online store, where professional customers can register and purchase high-quality food products
We transport the food items to the cafeteria, restaurant, or kitchen, and together we ensure that more of the food reaches its destination

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