Too much of the food that is produced never gets the chance to be eaten. New product launches, seasonal fluctuations, and production discrepancies are among some of the reasons why perfectly edible food never ends up on our plates. At least until now.

With Plateful, cafeterias, restaurants, and kitchens gain access to fantastic ingredients and food products. For example, this product launch that never happened. This is a win-win! A great solution for those who make a living from food – and for those who live for food.

How does it work?

We make sure food reaches the plate!

Plateful buys food from well-known wholesalers and producers that, for various reasons, cannot be sold through regular distribution channels.
The products are made available in our digital sales channels, where business to business customers can register and purchase.
We transport the groceries to our customers, and together we ensure that more of the food reaches its final destination.